• Undiscovered Rock Radio is an independent online radio station broadcast out of Melbourne, Australia.
  • The Radio Station is entirely non-profitable and currently the only advertising on this station is by sponsors that provide their service/s to us for free.
  • Undiscovered Rock Radio is 100% dedicated to promoting & supporting independent artists & labels providing worldwide exposure.
  • Music played on Undiscovered Rock Radio is played under a fair use agreement and creative commons license. This means;
    • The copyright owner has given permission for Undiscovered Rock Radio to play their material on the station.
    • Undiscovered Rock Radio do not have the rights to use the copyrighted material in any other way (Advertising, Video, Album Releases etc) unless permission/s have been given by the copyright owner.
    • Undiscovered Rock Radio does not have the rights to change or alter the material in any way without permission of the copyright owner.
    • No publishing royalties will be paid out for airplay on Undiscovered Rock Radio.
    • The copyright owner has the right to ask Undiscovered Rock Radio to remove the material from the station at anytime. Undiscovered Rock Radio must then comply within 2 working days.